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Elevate dementia care with free educational resources from Terra Vista of Oakbrook Terrace. Our memory-care assisted-living community uplifts caregivers and family members in their efforts to better support their loved ones.


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It can be exhausting to properly care for a loved one with dementia. Take the weight off. Learn how to identify this disease, manage dementia behaviors, pursue the best treatment, and more from these insightful guides.

Guide to Understanding Dementia Behaviors

Get information on:

  • Dementia behavior management
  • Understanding and responding to dementia
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Dealing With Combative Dementia Behaviors

Get information on:

  • Aggressive behavior in Alzheimer's disease and dementia
  • How to respond to combative behavior in dementia
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Managing Medicines for a Person With Dementia

Get information on:

  • How to help dementia patients remember to take medicine
  • What to do when a dementia patient refuses medication
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Handling Dementia Symptoms With Therapeutic Fibbing

Get information on:

  • Therapeutic lying in dementia care
  • The benefits of therapeutic fibbing
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Spotting the 10 Early Symptoms of Dementia

Get information on:

  • Memory loss symptoms
  • Early signs of dementia
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"83% of the help provided to older U.S. adults come from family members friends, or other unpaid caregivers."

-Alzheimer’s Association, 2021

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