Things to Avoid When Visiting with your Loved One

There are a number of things that you should avoid when visiting a loved one with Alzheimer’s. Pay attention to all of your actions or sudden movements, and be sure to always remain mindful when you are together.

Do You Remember? The last thing you want to do to your loved one is remind them of their current shortcomings. Most sufferers are extremely sensitive about their condition. Therefore, try to avoid this statement. Let them recall the memory or not.

Assumptions. In regards to the first tip, also try not to assume that they cannot remember anything. Try to keep the conversations as normal as possible and let if flow. If they remember, they remember. If they don’t, they don’t.

Argue. Of course, your loved one does suffer with missing pieces of their memory. They might interpret something differently from you or recall the story differently. It isn’t worth a fight. Do yourself a favor and save your energy.

Gossip. Don’t talk about your loved one to another person while they are sitting there. They can still hear you and they still have emotions. It will only upset them and make them feel like a child.

Sounds and Movements. Try not to scream and keep your voice at a normal tone. Also, try to avoid any sudden movements. These sorts of instances can startle your loved one and make them feel extremely uncomfortable. You want to create the most peaceful atmosphere as you possibly can.

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