Personalize your Loved One’s New Home

It can be an extremely challenging adjustment for an elderly person to move into an assisted living home, especially if they suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. The disease and the big change can cause all sorts of anxiety and fears. There are a lot of things that you can do to make this transition a little bit calmer. It can also be a nice thing to do together with your loved one.

Pictures and Paintings. I’m sure that you can think about specific pieces of artwork that are notable in your loved one’s home. I’m sure that you can also recall special pictures that have always sat on their desk or side table. Well, bring these things with you. If you can remember them and get some sort of peace from them, your loved one will too. The photographs will also remind your loved one that they are in fact loved.

Paint the Walls. There is a lot to be said for colors and ambiance. The standard color of painting is usually white, and it can give a room a sterile feeling. Do a little bit of online research and find out some soft and soothing colors to mellow out your loved one’s new room.

Visitor’s Seating. Be sure to create an open space for visitors and just a general living space.

Greenery. Plants in a room are proven to improve the air quality and increase the energies of the space. There are a large number of plants today that do not require much care or watering, which is perfect for your loved one who might not always be in the right place to remember to take care of a plant every day. Be sure to strategically place the plant somewhere near a window so that it will get all of the natural sunlight that it needs to survive.

Bedding. The size of the bed in the assisted living center is bound to be smaller than the bed your loved one is used to. This can be a great excuse for the two of you to go spend some time together! Find out what colors are your loved one’s favorite and be sure to choose something that is comfortable. Be certain that the bedding will have a snug fit on the bed because sheets or duvet covers that are hanging become a risk for tripping.

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