Avoiding Fatigue for Caregivers

Taking care of the elderly is not always and easy task. We all want to help out and be there for our loved ones, but months and years of this sort of task can take a toll on a caregiver’s health. The problem with prolonged care is prolonged stress. It is harder to notice, and then it strikes you all at once.

Pay attention of you are noticing the following symptoms:

  •   Exhaustion
  •   Limited Productivity
  •   Irritability
  •   Sleep and Concentration Problems
  •   Stress and Anxiety

What should you do if you notice symptoms of fatigue?

Take a day for yourself. Maybe more than a day! If you are starting to feel overwhelmed, plan something for you. You need something in your life that is going to give you energy and happiness.

Get Help. You aren’t the only person who is struggling with taking care of a loved one. Try to reach out to other family members or members of your community. It is a small thing, but sharing and opening up can offer great peace of mind.

Take Breaks. You don’t need to be on the clock 24/7. When you are not immediately needed, trying to find little things to do to fulfill you. You could take a walk or call someone you love. Listen to a song you like or do a crossword puzzle. Don’t forget to give yourself moments for YOU!


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